About Me...

In a nutshell I was born in Liverpool in 1964. Since that time I've had a peripetetic relationship with the arts. My first foray into this murky world began in early childhood entertaining my family during the seventies when I would  imitate various stars and other reprobates of the day. Later I took to writing lyrics and drumming in local bands on the cities then burgeoning alternative arts scene of the 1980's. In 1989, I went to study at:The Birmingham School of Acting.


After a stint as a jobbing actor, I enrolled as a student at: The Central School of Speech and Drama (London University), to study the therapuetic benefits of drama and graduated with a MA in Drama Therapy. With a new set of skills in my bag my attention turned once again to writing and performing. This time on the cabaret circuit, where I managed to knock up performances at: The Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham. London's Royal Festival Hall with The legendary Divine David, The Pleasance Theatre as part of The Royal Shakespeare Company Fringe Festival, Covent Gardens Poetry Cafe, and Londons LGBT Pride Festival.


In 2011, I moved lock, stock and barrel as they say, to Berlin, Germany. Having always identified as European rather than soley British or English, the move made perfect sense. A passion for arts and cultural history led me to write and produce my debut show in the city: A Cabaret Story - Berlins Live Historical Revue. To my surprise the show received International attention during its unprecedented five year run at the aptly named Sally Bowles Arts Cafe in the historic Nollendorf Platz area. In addition it also was featured on Channel Four's 'Road Trip' series, as well as Swedish Television STV1 and performed at Gazarte Cultural Hub, Athens, Greece and The Hotel Adlon (Kempinski) Berlin.


In 2017, my focus turned towards Berlin born Icon and Hollywood silver screen legend Marlene Dietrich, with a new show entitled Tea With Marlene. This opened up the new  Innovation Art Theatre in Wilmersdorf and although didn't achieve the dizzying heights of my earlier work was never the less quite well received. In 2019, I became a fully fledged German upon receiving  citizenship and now reside happily as a dual national right here in the heart of Europe.