My one man theatre shows tell the narratives of people, places and events in history. I take you on a no holds barred sojourn into the mirky world of the past to reveal entertaining and informative facts, which are thoroughly researched and playfully and theatrically retold. Suitable for audiences both old and young they are performed in a variety of venues in and around Berlin, from small theatres and cafe bars to restaurants and hotels.

Tea with Marlene explores the life of Berlin born icon and Hollywood screen legend, Marlene Dietrich: Feminist pioneer, bi-sexual cross dresser and anti-war protester. Her story is told passionately and playfully through infamous quotes and anecdotes as well as some of her best knowns songs, Lola, Falling in Love Again and Lili Marlene, to name but a few.


For those who think the fame game is a modern day phenomenon this show will be a revelation to you.


Running time: (Ihour approx)

Suitable for schools and study programmes.

Can also be performed in concert.


Awesome Berlin

A Cabaret Story is a one hour musical journey into the history of cabaret as a social and political movement. It travels from the salons of Paris in 1881,through Munich before arriving in Berlin before the rise of National Socialism and the coming to power of Hitler in 1933.


The show includes songs by well know artists of the day: Kurt Weill and Bertol Brecht, Mischa Spoliansky, Friedrich Holländer and Clara Waldoff as well as original compositions by Maurice Ord.


The production gained an international reputation in its original format during its residency of five years  at Berlin's Sally Bowles Arts Cafe, receiving over 70 reviews on Tripadvisor. 



 The show is available for small to medium sized events and school history projects and can be adapted to suit your requirments.


Advance booking of this show is recquired