English Language Shows & Workshops for your School or Study Programme

Students at The Oberschule Findorff in Bremen present a tableau of their characters during The Shakespeare and The English Languaguage Workshop

My English Language Workshops can be run both in conjuction with my theatre shows or as individual workshops based around chosen themes in British history. They are a fun and creative way for students to practice and develop their language skills and cultural knowledge. A variety of suitably chosen theatre games and exercises are used to get students speaking the speak and talking the talk in no time at all. Before you know it students will be discussing the plots and sub plots of Shakespeares plays and their relevance to today, through to the diviiding lines of Brexit

Workshops are arranged around whole or half day depending upon the theme and can inlcude up to a maximum of 30 students.

Previous clients include:

Kippenburg Gymnasium and Oberschule Findorff Bremen, Berlin British School.