A Cabaret Story is a fast paced musical and literary journey through the history of cabaret as a social and political movement. From its humble beginnings in the salons of Paris in 1881 to its demise in the bars of Berlin  in 1933. It includes songs from the The Belle Epoque and The Weimar Republik.  The idea sprang from a life long passion with the genre and the artists who helped develop its reputation  as a tool for expression. During what can only be described as the incubation period, I visited both Paris and Berlin often, in search of the the divinely decadent Cabarets depicted by the 1970's film Cabaret and Liza Minellis characterisation  of  the Christoper Isherwood character Sally Bowles.  Maybe I was hoping to find her performing still somewhere in a dark bar hidden away  in the deepest and darkest depths of the city. Well surprise surprise, I didnt' find her!  However I was inspired  enough to want to put together a show that told the story of the genre and thats exactley what I did. And guess what , when the show was ready Sally Bowles found me. In the form of a bar of the same name in  the area of Nollendorf Platz.  And the rest they say is history.

The video below was filmed by Neven Dayvid here in Berlin. The song  opened the show in the original production in 2011 with just myself and pianist.