Shakespeare & The English Language

This workshop was aimed at introducing English language students of the Oberschule Findorf and Kippenburg Gymnasium in Bremen to the characters and plots of Shakespeare, and to interpreting the dialogue for modern day understanding.  For this purpose I chose three of the authors best known works, namely: Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and  Romeo and Juliet. These plays offered what I felt to be at the tme the dramatic scale of the authors work through their interchange of Comedy, Tragedy and Romantic Comedy alike. They were chosen also for their accessibility with foreign language students and for their relevant  themes. In order to give students as broad an experience as possible I cast openly regardless  of gender.  As I felt it important  that students approach  the work in an interactive and fun way and one which can set the scene for open discussion and debate. In my experience students then further develop their understanding and interest of Shakespeare and the English language and incorporate this into their overall learning. (Click on the picture on the left to read about it in German).