Tea with Marlene is a passionate celebration of the life of Berlin born actress and Hollywood screen legend Marlene Dietrich. Feminist pioneer, Bi-sixual cross dresser, Anti-war protester and Gay Icon, Dietrich did it all with wild abandon. Way before the days of social media and fake news, Marlene was involved in the process of being, inventing a style, which continues to provide inspiration for many  artists to this day.  The show Includes her most well known songs: Lola, Falling in Love Again and Lili Marlene to name but a few.

The  song in  the video opposite is based upon one of Marlene Dietrichs hypochriful stories. It explains a plot to kill Hitler that she was supposed to have cooked up in a hotel room in Hollywood with her then lover Douglas Fairbanks Junior. It seemed so fitting to write a song about it and so I did. This was then included in the show.